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Deft delivers again for Aereon - ()

Another successful project delivered to Aereon by Deft Automation.
A simple Flare Ignition system consisting of a main control panel, a safe area JB and dual ignition boxes located within the Zone 1 hazardous area.
The operator can locally or remotely commence ignition to a set time interval reliably and with ease.
Deft has engineered, built and tested this system to meet IECEx compliance and the customers high expectations.

Heat Recovery Modules - (Optimal Power)

OEM Controller system to be distributed throughout the world.

Using the full flexibility of the AB Micro820 PLC, URA has developed a modular and expandable control system for Optimal's in-house developed HRM unit. The HRM has been designed for Capstones C200 gas turbine. Configured as a master/slave configuration, up to 9 slaves can be configured by a simple setting. The master then configures the slaves using messages. Each unit controller is installed direct in the HRM and controls it independently. A simple cost effective solution that is customised to each package.

New Blending Plant - (Penrite Oils)

A new Blending and packaging facility for a new era. Deft Automation is designing, engineering and assembling a complete new blending plant for one of Australia's leading lubricant brands. Working closely with our technology partners, Rockwell Automation, NHP and other leading automation brands, the blending process will be fully automated to exceed Penrite's expectations. As part of the new plant, Deft is developing new packaging units for the site to offer greater flexibility and production rates whilst reducing down time. Below is a sneak peak of the new bottling line being developed using robotics, a complete new solution and a first for Australia. Stay tuned for more details and pictures as the project advances.

TEG Package Control System - (Suez Oil and Gas)

Project Delivered - August 2016

See the galley for images from the IFAT (Integrated Factory Acceptance Test) with members from SANTOS and Emerson.
The control system has fully integrated control with the Emerson DCS for Remote (DCS), Local or field control.

Control system for TEG Regeneration packages for the SANTOS GLNG progect After the success of the first seven TEG packages at their Fairview and Roma production facilities, Santos have ordered a further two more units. Deft has been given the order for the control systems using the AB Controllogix platform.

Level Control System - (Synertec)

Custom level control system to upgrade an existing tank storage area. Main controller utilising AB CompactLogix PLC interfaces to a Zone 1 hazardous area indication panel with I.S. certified components. From the interface panel, the operator can now have a visual display of tank levels and alarms. On High High level the tank pump will be isolated.
For more details - see http://www.synertec.com.au/upl/website/project-portfolios/M140401WoomeraDFI0.pdf

Gas Conditioning Package - (Process Group)

McArthur River Mine, NT, Australia.

This package is a critical component to the mine. Conditioning and cleaning the gas being supplied to the mines power station, process uptime was critical. This control system utilised an AB ControlLogix in redundant configuration interfacing with field I/O over fibre optic and installed within the hazardous area.

Custom four head drum filling unit - (Penrite Oils)

Penrite needed to upgrade its single head filling unit to improve production throughput. URA IA was engaged to supply the turn key unit from concept to commissioning. Using a engineered aluminium frame, motorised head raise control, speed controlled pump and integrated weight checking, the unit has increased the fill cycle of a four drum pallet by approx 50%. The operator interfaces to the unit via touchscreen to enable full control and adjustment. After a successful year of operation, a second unit has now been ordered for their Queensland production facility.

Decontamination system - (Liquid Controls)

Liquid Controls were commissioned to supply a plumbing decontamination system for the Peter Doherty Institute Infectious diseases centre in Melbourne. Deft Automation provided the programming expertise to complete the project after Liquid Controls needed help. The control system used dual AB Micro850 PLC's and a complex messaging function derived to allow the PLC's to work together.

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